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Bright Side Vinyl

Tarot Card The Cowgirl (Sublimation Transfer)

Tarot Card The Cowgirl (Sublimation Transfer)

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Tarot Card The Cowgirl (Sublimation Transfer) 

What is Sublimation?
-Sublimation consists of specialized ink and paper; once exposed to heat and pressure the inks turn into a gas and permanently fuse into POLYESTER fibers.
-The Fabric will feel exactly the same before and after printing, there is no texture to sublimation as it simply dyes the fibers.
-The higher the poly content in the fabric, the more vibrant the colors.
-These can be applies to a variety of items, shirts, pillowcases, poly coated car tags, etc.

-Heat Press (no iron)
-White or Light Colored Fabric (white and light heather grey are the best choices)
-Garment MUST be at least 50% polyester, the higher the poly content the more vibrant the colors (lower poly content gives a vintage look). For best results use on white or light color 100% polyester shirts.

- 385 degrees
- Medium-High pressure
- Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the transfer
- Press 45 seconds
- HOT peel

Each transfer is coated with a special adhesive that will bond during the sublimation process to eliminate ghosting. Vibrant colors produced with high quality ink.

Sizes (based on longest dimension edge to edge)

This listing is for the SUBLIMATION TRANSFER ONLY. No shirt will be shipped.

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