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White BSV Rapid Press PU 20"

White BSV Rapid Press PU 20"

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BSV Rapid Press PU 20" width professional-grade heat transfer film is a very soft and eco-friendly polyurethane that is highly suited for the transfer of designs onto garments. This easy to cut and weed film has high elasticity and strong adhesiveness, allowing fabrics to stretch through natural movement whilst maintaining excellent durability and the ability to withstand frequent washing. The ideal solution for high quality, detailed designs, and numbering for t-shirts, sportswear, and other garments where durability is essential. 

100% Guaranteed, Easy to Cut, Easy to Weed, Easy to Press and achieve soft durable professional grade transfers.

PVC FREE & CISPA Certified

PU Composition
Pressure Sensitive Backing
Matte Finish
90 Microns / 3.5 mil thick
Easily Layered

Pre-Heat: 2 -5 Seconds
Press time: 10 to 12 seconds
Temperature: 285 - 302F
Pressure: Medium
Peel: Warm 7 to 10 seconds
Layering: 1st Layers 5 Second, Last layer 12 -15 seconds

100% Cotton
100% Uncoated Polyester
Poly/cotton blend

Do not dry clean
Machine Wash Warm, mild detergent
Dry at Normal Setting
No Chlorine or Bleach
Wait for 24 hrs before washing
Storage Temperature: 65°F - 95°F
Storage Notes: Avoid storing in direct sunlight


4 Keys for Professional Grade Results are Temp, Time, Pressure and Liner Removal. ALWAYS follow directions as these Keys change for every type of HTV, even vinyl from the same brand will vary by type, glitter, flock, etc.

Detailed Application Instructions

Heat Press 

¨ Cut image in reverse

¨ Weed excess vinyl from the design

¨ Preheat the shirt for 2 seconds

¨ Use a Teflon sheet/cover

¨ Apply design at 302°F

¨ Use medium pressure for 10 seconds

¨ Peel vinyl liner sheet while hot.

¨ If area of vinyl lifts, replace liner and re-press for 4 seconds.


Home Iron 

¨  Iron Setting Dial Cotton

¨  Use a Teflon cover or Kraft paper 

¨  Place on Hard Flat Surface, Ironing board is not recommended

¨  Press iron with Firm pressure, Do NOT Slide iron back and forth

¨ Press each section, overlapping pressing of design for 10 seconds

¨ If area of vinyl lifts after application, replace vinyl liner sheet and re-press for 5-10 seconds

¨  Peel liner sheet slowly while hot


Cutter Settings 

Recommend settings may vary based on the sharpness of the blade & condition of the cutter. Always perform a test cut prior to production. A sharp blade saves you time and money, in increased production via cutting and weeding.

Blade: Standard
Setting: Iron-On

Silhouette Cameo

Blade: #3 Standard
Material: Smooth Heat Transfer
Speed: 8
Force: 6

Scan N Cut
Blade: Standard, 2
Speed: 1
Pressure: 1
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 60
Pressure: 42
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 30
Pressure: 8
Roland GX-24
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 20 to 50
Pressure: 85
LP3, MH, SC2,  & Titan 1:
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 300
Pressure: 80
Titan 2 & 3
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 300
Pressure: 60

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